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'Triumph' Gisela Gibbon

‘Triumph’ Plaster of Paris carving, painted, first of the ‘Courage Series’ ca 350mm x 420mm x 60mm © Gisela Gibbon

The Dreamer ©Gisela Gibbon

Close-up of a small soapstone carving (see videos) ‘The Dreamer’ © Gisela Gibbon HD photographic print available.

Gecko on the Rock, Gisela Gibbon Mosaic Artist Scarborough

My signature mosaic piece, ‘Gecko on the Rock’. I adore lizards, and many have followed this one, glass and stone being a very natural and exciting combination. ©Gisela Gibbon

Touching The Earth ©Gisela Gibbon

‘Touching the Earth’ African Opalstone carving, ca 42cm long, not for sale as yet, unless someone makes me an outrageously attractive offer. © Gisela Gibbon


Stained Glass Portrait of Saad R Mikhaiel ©Gisela Gibbon

“Saad R. Mikhaiel” A wonderful micromosaic master who taught me a lot about art and mosaics during my several weeks in his studio in Cairo. This mosaic is not in his micro style, but painting with hand cut glass nonetheless, A4. © Gisela Gibbon

Fuchsia River ©Gisela Gibbon

‘Fuchsia River’ Private Commission, after an original design by Alex Dewalt, ca 1900 x 1450 © Gisela Gibbon

Hare's Leap, ©Gisela Gibbon

‘Hare’s Leap’ Private Commission for a cafe/restaurant in Scarborough, ca 1200 x750mm © Gisela Gibbon

Gold Within ©Gisela Gibbon

‘Gold Within’ South African Opal stone carving, in a private collection. © Gisela Gibbon

Egyptian Window Art ©Gisela Gibbon

My own 30×30 sampler of the Egyptian / Coptic Window Technique, a traditional stained glass and plaster of paris architectural window art, as taught to me by Saad R. Mikhaiel, who is the undisputed master in this. Much more difficult than it looks, but wonderful to do and absolutely stunning. Commissions welcome. © Gisela Gibbon

Buddha Birdbath ©Gisela Gibbon

Buddha and Butterflies Birdbath, now in a deliriously happy customer’s garden. Birdbath and Garden ornament commissions welcome. © Gisela Gibbon.


 Some higher quality images and progress pics in my flickr album.