fuchsia slide 13

I commissioned Gisela to make this piece from one of my paintings. She has made a wonderful interpretation of it in mosaic. I can’t begin to express how pleased I am with it. Her use of colour, texture, tile material, size and varied surface are absolutely inspired. As the light changes through the day, different parts of the mosaic reflect and change colour in many ways. My garden is new and was designed for low maintenance so the mosaic gives me year round colour on my patio. From the patio doors of my studio I can look out onto it so even in the darkest days of winter I will be able to see colour.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Alex Dewart, (South of England, Fuchsia River.)


Pedestal Bowl2

Earlier in the year I asked Gisela to commission me a piece as a first anniversary gift to my wife, I didn’t really give her much to go on, other than I would like it to be a centre piece for out dining table, be red/black/silver in colour and contain the roman numerals for the date (10/10/10- X X X). I didn’t want to see any progress pictures as I wanted to have a bit of a surprise too, and I certainly got one! The overall design and balance of the piece was amazing and it was clear to see the amount of time and thought that had gone into creating such a work of art, she really is a one of a kind artist who creates one of a kind pieces. Anyone who is looking for that special gift or present then look no further, if you want a unique piece that will never date and will be lovingly created with attention to detail, then give Gisela a call. I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited to give a gift to someone.

(Brian Jackson, Grantham, Table Pedestal Bowl)


Penguins slide © Gisela Gibbon

Good Lord, Gisela…I don’t know what to say!  It’s simply wonderful…….

(Rob, USA, ‘Penguins’)




The mosaic is even better than I thought it would be, if that’s at all possible, you should be really proud of yourself, I’m dead chuffed with it.

I am very very happy Gisela, I didnt really have a vision of the finished article in my mind but it is absolutely flawless. What a great artist you are, the work involved and the thought and care and attention to detail are second to none. I think it would look good framed and some lights pointing to it on the wall to enhance the colours…im amazed, even the small bronze pieces have the small intricate dots that the fish actually have on them.

You’re one in a million for doing this for me, I am going to approach the ScottishCarp group who have a website and ask if I can place pictures of this on the Danskine Loch forum, with your name and website attached – is this ok? Truly a masterpiece.

Jamie (Mirror Carp/Scotland)


Lost and Found

 The ‘Lost and Found’ looks perfect on my son’s table, he was so pleased, he really loved it. And it lasts – you know how heavy those pots are he kind of bangs down on it, but you’ve done a great job, it still looks like new. His boys like it, too. I don’t think it’ll ever move from there.

(Mrs P, Scarborough, ‘Lost & Found’)


Valentines Heart, Gisela Gibbon

My wife was delighted to receive the heart shown in the gallery for Valentines Day,  it’s beautiful. C keeps looking at it, holding it on her lap and just staring at it, she loves it. It will live on the wall opposite her chair so she can see it every day.

The picture doesn’t show the true beauty of this art, the way the light plays through the mosaic is a wonder to behold. If you are looking for a truly unique gift then look no further, Gisela’s work is priceless.

(Mike/Valentines heart/Leighton Buzzard)


 Hares Leap Slide

Goodness, this is gorgeous, it’s just right! You brought the hare to life, and gave it the exact expression we wanted it to have, how did you do that? The 3D effect is really good, too, and the background is just perfect, this is so so much better than we could have imagined or wished for. Brilliant.

(John and Kath, Hares Leap, Burniston)


Private Commission, Gisela Gibbon Mosaic Artist Scarborough

I commissioned Gisela to make me a gecko on a leaf mosaic, for a sorry looking outside wall opposite my kitchen window, and she ‘got’ my style, what I like, exactly! Actually, all of us love it so much we decided to keep it in the living room, and every visitor remarks on it, how good and unusual it is. Thanks so much Gisela. x

Susan B., Sunderland


Gisela Gibbon Art Products

Love it when hubby gives me his credit card to order my own present! Then I can choose from the gorgeous paintings on my lovely friends’ Redbubble page, printed onto whatever I want. Thank you Gisela Gibbon! Cushion cover for my studio armchair and a coffee mug. Perfect 😀 and thank you John!

Sally Brown, Mosaic Artist, Melbourne, Australia