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I work from home in the village of Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK, where I live with my T’ai Chi Master husband Howard Gibbon. I used to just paint with real oil paints and real brushes in my studio, but lately digital design has taken over, primarily for my printed products shop, JustPlayDesigns, (under the umbrella of the eco products company Teemill, UK). I created the range to give ordinary people of all ages and sizes the chance to show their hobbies and interests on T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, mugs, etc, in order to support positive conversation to show what excites us. Be that at work, or out shopping, or on the tube or when picking the kids up from school. Talking about what excites us, our hobbies and interests seems an endangered skill now, with little time and general overload. How refreshing then to meet a fellow knitter in the the supermarket queue and have a giggle about knitting ninjas! Or to think of taking up chess again seeing someone with a chess t-shirt.  So much nicer than going down the rabbit hole of politics near and far.
And of course, designing means being open for requests, for any design or painting of anything at all, it’s what I love doing most, creating something that makes people happy. Even to meet their business branding needs, or to design a mural to paint in a child’s bedroom – there are no limits and I have the ability and tools to do both.
You’ll find my art in the form of prints and cards on the JustPlayDesign site, or you can order superb prints up to A3 from me directly, archival quality. A shopping cart will be added shortly on this site, am juggling things about a bit just now, but do get in touch with any enquiries. 
Click on the page menus above and to see more, or feel free to contact me with any commission enquiries or to purchase any of the pieces shown.
As I like to write as well, my near future sci-fi fantasy novel, “By The Icehawk’s Feather” is available on Amazon and in Yorkshire libraries, the sequel is in progress. Buy Now

Thanks so much for your interest, and get in touch, tell me what you’d like to see.
All the best, 



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